Even dummies know the value of good seatbelts.

Seatbelt Re-Webbing & Seatbelt Manufacturing 

 Nationwide service - with NZTA rule exemption  

 New Zealand's only licensed manufacturer  




Nationwide service with NZTA exemption. Click to view NZTA documentation.  


Webbing Colours

We have a big selection of webbing colours. Click to see our range.


Seatbelt Manufacturing

We are New Zealand's only certified seatbelt manufacturer. Click for documentation. 

Reasons to choose Autosafe:

It’s Legal! 

The only NZ company with an
NZTA Re-Webbing Exemption!


It’s Quick!

We aim to Re-web within 24hrs & Re-webs are easier to install than aftermarket seatbelts

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It’s Safe! 

As NZ's only licensed seatbelt manufacturer we use the same strict safety guidelines with every Re-Web!

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It’s Affordable! 

Way less expensive than a new OEM seatbelt and much safer than using second hand seatbelts.


Contact Details


You can send your damaged seatbelt(s) directly to us at:  200 Antigua St, Christchurch, or take to your local mechanic or auto-part's company, to send on to us on your behalf.


Specialist installer in Auckland:


Auckland - Seatbelt Solutions Ltd, 12 Industry Place, Onehunga, P: 09 580-0386

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For more information, please get in touch with us

Autosafe products and services are all handled by its exclusive distributor Seatbelt Sales Ltd.

You can call, email, or send them a message through the form below.

200 Antigua Street, Central, Christchurch, NZ

PH: 0508 58 00 00


Webbing Colours

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 Light Grey 

Medium Grey

 Pewter Grey 

 Dark Grey 

 Navy Blue 

 Royal Blue 

 Pastel Blue 





 Light Brown 


 Dark Brown 







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Use the search box to look up an existing installation; information including NZTA exemption Number and Seatbelt position will be returned if the seatbelt has been re-webbed by us, or it will state the vehicle is not in our database. It might take up to 24hrs for a belt to be entered into the system but is typically there by the time the seatbelt leaves our facility.

If the REGO is not in the database and you think it should be contact us and we will run a check at our end for you. 

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